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Diamond on Vinyl teaser (2011)

A teaser I recently cut for J.R. Hughto's new film Diamond on Vinyl, which wrapped production in early September.

with: Brian McGuire, Sonja Kinski, Nina Millin, Jeff Doucette, Jessica Golden, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Katherine Elizabeth Pawlak, Sean Rourke Meehan, Jason Decker, and Suanne Spoke.

Music by Parasites of the Western World and Circuit des Yeux on De Stijl Records.

— 2 years ago

Embrassez-Moi Maintenant (2010)

A music video for the 1983 Thompson Twins hit “Hold Me Now” cut to footage from the 1939 French classic Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu) by Jean Renoir.

— 4 years ago

Parity (2007)

Trailer for my MFA thesis film (feature narrative).

Amanda and Charlie move from Boston to Los Angeles so Charlie can pursue a graduate degree when Amanda, a painter, unexpectedly finds herself pregnant. Alone in a new city, Amanda explores her neighborhood and looks for an interim job while trying to reconcile ideas of being an artist and a mother. Unable to paint because of the toxicity of her materials, she begins to seek a new form of artistic expression in Hi8 video.

— 4 years ago

Gold Rush (2009)

A music video for the song “Don’t Even Sing About It” from the 2003 album The Lemon of Pink by the experimental rock band The Books. The video was cut using footage from a 16mm educational film made in the 1970’s about the California gold rush. I bought the discarded film at a flea market in 2007.

— 4 years ago